Walking Matters engages with communities

Links & Resources


Project for Public Spaces.  A organisation which has been working for 25 years to transform public spaces. http://www.pps.org

William H. Whyte.  The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.  Published by Project for Public Spaces

Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment:  www.cabe.org.uk

StreetFilms.  An innovative organisation produceing videos that show how cities around the world are reclaiming their streets for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport.  www.streetfilms.org 

 International Making Cities Liveable.  www.livablecities.org/home.html

Cities & Health:

Galway Healthy Cities Project:  www.galwayhealthycities.ie

Radio interviews on walking and urban design:  www.dynamoeffect.org/apps/mp3/

International Making Cities Liveable: www.livablecities.org/home.html

Article by Todd Litman.  Incorporating Health Objectives into Transport Planning:  www.planetizen.com/node/45855

The Institute of Public Health Ireland: www.publichealth.ie/


International Federation of Pedestrians:  www.pedestrians-int.org/

Living Streets, England:  www.livingstreets.org.uk/

Smart/Low Carbon Travel:

Sustrans.  A UK charity supporty smart travel options: www.sustrans.org.uk/




Built Heritage:

The Heritage Council.  The Heritage Council seeks to protect and enhance the richness, quality and diversity of our national heritage for everyone. It works with its partners, particularly at local level, to increase awareness of our national heritage and to highlight its importance to public policy and everyday life.  www.heritagecouncil.ie

An Taisce.  The National Trust for Ireland.  www.antaisce.org/


Irish Heart Foundation.  Health Programmes

Planet Stewardship:

With thanks to Manchán Magan for his referral to this inspiring site:  www.planetwalk.org